A place where the story of Žvėrynas is being constantly created

The place, where the salon – bar „Veranda“ is now located, has its own story starting in 1901. The written sources disclose that in this year the Office of Martison could be found here. Martison was a businessman at that time and he ruled the whole territory of Zverynas. In 1902, he developed a distribution plan of Zverynas, according to which his land was divided into the formed sites was sold. As a result of this, the formation of the current urban structure began.

Thanks to Martinson, Zverynas, which had been outside the city earlier, was connected to the city of Vilnius. Moreover, in Exchange for land, which Martinson dedicated to the urban use, he secured the construction of the current Zverynas Bridge.

In 2005, when the salon - bar ‘Veranda’ was set up in this place, it opened a new page in the story of the house located here and the entire current area of Zverynas, and in the story of communication and tasting of its residents and guests.

Priority of the kitchen of the salon - bar ‘Veranda’ is natural food products.
seasonal vegetables are brought from Lithuanian farms.

Natural and fresh products plus culinary improvisation – all this we serve every day.

Taste it so that you would like to come back again - for new discoveries.

We play live jazz in the salon - bar ‘Veranda’ every Friday and Saturday from 20:00 to 23:00. On weekends, we welcome all who long for jazz, or live in a jazzy rhythm. For more information on the jazz we will be playing next weekend, look around in ‘Veranda’ or please visit facebook.com/svetaineveranda